About Us

Roleystone Theatre is a not-for-profit community group, managed entirely by volunteers, with roles including; actors, musicians, directors, crew, make-up artists, front of house, committee etc.

Our home for the past 89 years (1933 to 2022) has been the Roleystone Theatre in the picturesque Roleystone hills on the Brookton Highway. Currently the venue is closed due to structural issues. Prior to the unplanned closure of the building in 2018, the venue (originally constructed in 1922) offered a warm and cosy welcome to anyone interested in the arts. It is set to be refurbished and hopefully re-opened in 2022.

The performances by the Roleystone Theatre Group are designed to please the most discerning of patrons, as well as first time visitors.  The group aims to present approximately four-five shows per year, covering a wide variety of performance types.

The original theatre building is located on Brookton Highway opposite the Croyden Rd turnoff, however we will be utilising various venues around the City of Armadale while reconstruction takes place. Our temporary home is the Roleystone Hall (corner of Wygonda Rd and Jarrah Rd, Roleystone).

Our temporary home is the Harold King Centre - 9 Grovelands Drive, Camillo WA 6111.

History and Facilities

The Roleystone Theatre has a long tradition with its beginnings in the 1930s as the Roleystone Choral and Dramatic Society.  In the 1970s the group really took off when a collection of interested locals began putting on quality performances of plays and musicals. A name change, to the Roleystone Theatre Inc., occurred not long after.

For a more thorough history, please see our booklet produced in 1993, marking our diamond jubilee (6o years).

The Roleystone Theatre currently produces, on average, four-five major productions every year and is well known for the quality of our performers, sets and technical work.

The theatre building that has been our home for 85 years has undergone many alterations however the bulk of the auditorium is an art-deco original and is on the City of Armadale Municipal Heritage register. Following the expected rebuild and re-opening in 2022 the Theatre building will once again be a hub for the arts in the City of Armadale.

We are proud to be renowned for our warm welcome and friendliness to newcomers. 


Though currently closed, the Roleystone Theatre building is located at 587 Brookton Highway, Roleystone WA. The car park entrance is 200 metres before the Croyden Road turnoff to the Araluen Botanic Park.


President Bree Hartley
Vice President
Paul Treasure
Treasurer Henry Ronchi


Stephen Carr

General Committee
Jo Padgett
General Committee Daniel Ramsell
General Committee
Nicola Beard
General Committee Peter Carr
General Committee
Bradley Towton
General Committee Chloe Palliser

Life Members

 Ann Merrick
 Geoff Merrick
 Jock Pettigrew
 Kim Fletcher
 Mavis Hart
 Mike Butler
 Jack Hart
 Joy Martin
 Margaret Bettenay
 Mary Webb
 Naomi Gates
 Albert Chambers
 Paul Osenton
 Maureen Plummer
 Colleen Rintoul
 Bobbie Chapman
 Gerry Chapman
 Jack Barker
 Kim Martin
 Patricia Bona
 Zyg Woltersdorf  Daniel Ramsell
 Paul Treasure
 Joanne Padgett 
 Peter Carr
 Bree Hartley
 Penny Ramsell
 Stephen Carr

Roleystone Theatre Inc.
ABN 50 708 622 761