2019 Seasons

Lords and Ladies (play): July 5th - 13th

Gala Concert (theme - songs from animated movies): September 14th

Secret Bridesmaids' Business (play): October 11th - 19th

Dick Whittington and His Cat (pantomime): December 7th - 14th

Check this website or facebook page for current details of the shows


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Attention Directors:  
Roleystone Theatre is on the look out for 
submissions for our 2020 season!

There are 4-5 seasons on offer, hoping for a diverse range of productions to stage (plays, musicals, junior productions, etc). 

We are currently utilising the Roleystone Hall for productions (with acoustic curtaining, stage etc) and are also open to other staging suggestions! 

We love shows that get 'bums on seats'... but also love artistic endeavours!

If you'd like to submit a script for consideration, or have further queries (including requesting a submission form), please contact our Secretary secretary@roleystonetheatre.com.au

Deadline for completed submissions is the end of August 2019.

Roleystone Theatre Gala Concert 2019
'Songs of Animation'

Saturday 14 September 2019
at Roleystone Hall (44 jarrah Road, Roleystone)

Expressions of interest are now open to perform in this year’s gala, which will be a celebration of songs from animated movies.

Whether it be a song written for the movie, or a pre-existing song that has been featured in an animated movie, we hope to put together an evening that is fun for all, both audience and performers. The gala is open to performers of all levels of experience. One of the features of our galas in previous years has been the mix of up and coming performers, and seasoned veterans.

If you would like to be considered as a performer, please email Paul Treasure at pauljtreasure@gmail.com

Bookings for the event will open closer to the date.

A facebook event will be up on the Roleystone Theatre facebook page soon.


We don't suppose many theatre groups get to say this... but we have a Roleystone Theatre museum exhibit to go and see!

History House Museum in Armadale is where you will find our Museum Exhibit. Many hours went into the development of the exhibit and the end result is stunning. Huge thank you to all the people who helped bring it together, it was a labour of love!

The name of the exhibit is 'Roleystone Theatre - The Show Must Go On' and explores the history of the Theatre building and group. There are text panels, a costume and set display, archive material and digital media. 

Entry to the museum is FREE and the exhibition is open until the end of September. The museum is open weekdays (except Wednesday) and also on the weekend.

Click this link to find out all about it 
History House exhibit link

Tell your friends and make sure you don't miss it.

Theatre Membership 
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Some current benefits of FINANCIAL membership - the newsletter ‘The Callboy’, public liability insurance cover, voting rights at General Meetings (for members aged 16+) and best of all... half price tickets to the opening night of all Roleystone Theatre productions. 

If you would like to become a financial member in 2019  the membership form can be found on the theatre website here - 'Be involved' page

Keith Thomas-Wurth is the Theatre's Membership Officer in 2019 and any queries can be sent to him by emailing keith.thomas-wurth@roleystonetheatre.com.au

Membership expires at the end of March every year, so if you would like to renew please complete the form and payment  - You can pay by internet banking but we still need a new form every year to keep our records current!

We also have a new class of membership - SOCIAL membership.
It is free and will keep you up to date, but does not give you voting rights at meetings. 


Our 2019 AGM 

Thank you to all our members that attended last week's Annual General Meeting on 19th February 2019.

Our committee for 2019/20 is as follows:
President - Bree Hartley
Vice President - Stephen Carr
Secretary - Kathryn (Kat) Stark 
Treasurer - Keith Thomas-Wurth
Committee - Joanne Padgett
Committee - Callum Presbury
Committee - Daniel Ramsell 
Committee - Penny Ramsell 
Committee - Bradley (Brad) Towton 
Committee - Paul Treasure

This is a committee of many years experience, and our Theatre is in sure hands!

We must take this opportunity to thank our outgoing committee members Shannon Allender, Sherrill Wallis and Linda Roads. 

Thank you also to Keith Thomas-Wurth for his time as President, Bradley Towton for his time as Treasurer and Penny Ramsell for her time as Vice President (all three are remaining on Committee).


An amazing vote result at the Full Council Meeting tonight (17/12/18) about the Roleystone Theatre building. 

ALL the recommendations from the Community Services meeting on the 4th December were passed unanimously by the Council, with an additional part about the use of the Roleystone Hall as our temporary home. 

It has been a crazy few months since the campaign began but tonight was so worth all the time and effort. 

Funding is the next step but Councillor Mark Geary spoke of many avenues to explore, as part of his fabulous speech, to assist the Council find the funds as required. In addition we will need to work closely with the Council about our temporary home while consulting on the re-instated Roleystone Theatre building. We welcome members to join the committee, or be part of a working group, to assist as we move into the future. 

What an amazing amount of work and commitment from our City of Armadale Councillors and Council Officers. Our ward Councillors in particular, Caroline Weilinga and Grant Nixon, have worked tirelessly on this and we can not thank them enough. Grant Nixon made a wonderful statement about the amazing Roleystone community and our place in it.

As a theatre group we are unspeakably thankful for the community support and the Save the Roleystone Theatre campaign group.

This is a major victory for our local community, our theatre community and everyone down through the years who we were representing with our fight to not lose what they had built through blood, sweat and tears. 

The Roleystone Theatre and Theatre Group live to fight another day. 

Bring on the 100 year centenary of the building (1922-2022)!

Did you know:

Our paper petition (presented to Council late November 2018) had an incredible 4424 signatures

Our online petition (non-conforming but still presented to Council) had 1654 signatures

The extent of our community support and submissions for the 'Save our Roleystone Theatre' Campaign as of early December 2018:

  •   648 letters from students from the Roleystone Community College
  •   1 video submission
  •   47 letters and emails (plus letters to Councillors directly)
  •   4424 signatures on a conforming paper petition and 1654 signatures on a non-confirming online petition 
submitted and tabled by Cr G Nixon at the 27 November 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting

Did you know:

  • The Roleystone Theatre Inc presents between 4 and 6 productions a year, plus youth focussed activities, and concerts.
  • The old Roleystone Theatre venue had a seating capacity of 132 seats.
  • From 2013 to 2018 the Roleystone Theatre welcomed 15 000 audience members to our productions!  
  • Our audience demographics show that we have people coming to see our productions from all over the metropolitan area, drawing people into the City of Armadale.                                                             
  • The Roleystone Theatre Inc. is an award-winning theatre group. We have won a large number of Robert Finely Awards, ITA Drama Fest and ITA Youth Fest awards over the last five decades. It's not just in recent decades though, we were also winners in numerous South Suburban Music and Eisteddfod Society competitions held from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Wardrobe Clear-out and sale


We need help to sort through costumes to decide on what to keep and then move costumes out of the space/organise for relocation.

It's also an opportunity to buy costumes the theatre no longer requires as these will be sold on the day (price will depend on type of costume and condition of the piece).

Also - The committee are seeking some space for temporary storage if you have cupboard space to spare.

 Please contact Penny Ramsell for further information: penny.ramsell@roleystonetheatre.com.au or 0429 370 081