We are please to announce our season line up for 2018 as follows.

1 - Robin Hood - The Truth Behind the Green Tights, Directed by Euan Macmillan and Brogan Smirke

2 - Annie, Directed by Tyler Eldridge

3 - One Act Season

4 – Almost, Maine. Directed by Kristen Tynam-Perkins

5 - On Golden Ponds, Directed by Penny Ramsell and Jody Sweetman

6 - Dick Whittington, Directed by Nicola Beard

We want to give money away!

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting local not-for-profit organisations, we are seeking groups who are interested in fundraising through our theatre.

Tickets for the dress rehearsal (final Wednesday night) of each major production are open for group/s for fundraising. The theatre takes only approx $5 per seat, and the group retains the remainder of the ticket price. If a group predicts they can sell only part of the seating then more than group can utilise the show.

Do you know someone with a church, school, playgroup, conservation group, rock band, aged care facility etc. that needs some funds?

Please contact Kat Ramsell - secretary@roleystonetheatre.com.au or Gerry Chapman - 9490 9306 for enquiries.

Gift vouchers now available

We're making it easy for you to find unique presents - how about the gift of entertainment?  You can now purchase gift vouchers for Roleystone Theatre - valid at any show.  Call Gerry on (08) 9490 9306 to order yours now!