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2023 Seasons
  • * The Odd Couple (female version) April/May at Don Russell Performing Arts Centre 
  • * Armadale Arts Festival Workshops - May (cancelled)
  • * The Truth (Pratchett play) - June/July at Don Russell Performing Arts Centre
  • * Sweet Charity (musical) - September at Armadale Hall
  • * Shakespeare in the Park- November at Araluen Botanic Park, Roleystone

+ our Theatre Christmas Choir will be performing at:
  • * Armadale Carols by Candlelight - Saturday 2/12/23
  • * Araluen Carols by Torchlight - Sunday 10/12/23



Presented by Roleystone Theatre

Performed at Araluen Botanic Park

November 2023

Tickets on sale now -

Volunteer Service Awards

*** Do you meet the requirement of 25 years or more active service with the Roleystone Theatre Inc.? It doesn't have to be cumulative, you just need to be able to show how you got to 25 or more! 

Contact if you do.

The Department of Communities, WA State Government, seeks to acknowledge the significant efforts of Western Australia's volunteers through the WA Volunteer Service Awards program each year. The program recognises Western Australian volunteers who have provided 25 cumulative (not necessarily continuous) years or more of voluntary service with a single organisation. 


In 2022 across the state the awards program celebrated 173 extraordinary people for their significant contribution to the community. Roleystone Theatre Inc. itself had 21 of those recipients this year.


In place of a large central gala event in 2022, due to COVID-19, a video was created to honour the recipients across WA and the Roleystone Theatre Inc. held a local event on Sunday 22nd May in collaboration with the City of Armadale for Volunteers Week to show the video and recognise the fantastic volunteers in our area.


The WA Volunteer Service Awards Recognition Video highlights the work of both the volunteers, and their nominating organisations. The Roleystone Theatre Inc. was chosen, randomly, to be filmed to be in the video. Two of our 50 plus years recipients are featured in it, as well as our current President (who received a 25 years VSA award). 

2022 WA Volunteer Service Awards Recognition Video link -


2022 was our first year submitting members for these awards and we had 21 recipients all up! 18 of our recipients have, or had, volunteered with Roleystone Theatre Inc. for 25 years or more while 3 recipients have, or had, volunteered with the Roleystone Theatre Inc. for 50 years or more!


25 years or more (in alphabetical order)

Jack Barker - 33 years 

Nicola Beard - 25 years

Gerald Chapman - 44 years 

Bree Hartley - 25 years 

Kim Martin - 45 years 

Joanne Padgett - 28 years 

Maureen Plummer - 30 years 

Jacky Presbury - 25 years 

Paul Presbury - 25 years 

Daniel Ramsell - 35 years 

Penny Ramsell - 35 years 

Colleen Rintoul - 38 years 

Malita Ronchi - 25 years 

Kathryn Stark - 35 years 

Paul Treasure - 26 years 

Vikky Trewick - 27 years

Sherrill Wallis - 25 years 

Zyg Woltersdorf - 34 years  


50 years or more (in alphabetical order)

Margaret Bettenay – 78 years 

Trish Bona - 56 years 

Kim Fletcher - 52 years 

+ 2023

25 years or more (in alphabetical order)

Peter 'Pear' Carr - 25 years

Rod Padgett - 25 years



Following the February 2022 AGM the 2022/2023 committee is composed of the following members:

President - Bree Hartley
Vice President - Paul Treasure
Treasurer - Henry Ronchi
Secretary - Stephen Carr

General Committee
Nicola Beard
Peter 'Pear' Carr
Joanne Padgett
Chloe Palliser
Daniel Ramsell
Bradley Towton

2022 Roleystone Theatre Inc. 
Due to circumstances beyond our control the Roleystone Theatre Inc. will be relocating from our temporary home of the Roleystone Hall for all of 2022 (and 2023).
With the Theatre rebuild not yet complete the committee has been tirelessly working on a solution for our storage and activities.
It will not be the years we had planned, however we will always do our best to meet our stated purpose: ‘To create and facilitate affordable, accessible and engaging arts experiences that enhance community well-being and liveability.’
How that will look in 2022 and 2023 is yet to be fully determined, however as a resilient sector (the arts) we will work with what we are presented with.
We hope you will continue to support us in whatever capacity you can as we face another year of change and disruption… before we finally get back into our home where we can consolidate and spread our wings once more.

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