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Theatre workshops - June 2022

June 4th, 5th at 8:00pm

THEATRE WORKSHOPS (FREE) June 4 and 5, 2022


The Roleystone Theatre Inc. is pleased to be the metro area host theatre for five (5) CircuitWest  supported theatre workshops this coming June long weekend (over two days).

Presented by Theatre 180 the workshops cover a range skills for both the actor and director.

These are workshops run by professionals and incredibly, thanks to the support of CircuitWest, they are FREE. That’s right…. FREE!


There are spots available for all 5 sessions – but you do need to book by clicking the links below. PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE A MAXIMUM OF 3 WORKSHOPS AS SOME ARE AT THE SAME TIME.



Saturday June 4th and Sunday June 5th, 2022

Ages: 16 yrs and over.

Venue: Harold King Community Centre (7 Grovelands Drive, Camillo)


The Presenters from Theatre 180:

·      Trent Baker

Trent has over 25 years’ experience in the Australian entertainment industry as an educator, theatre director and actor.

·      Tegan Mulvany

Tegan has been working in the Perth theatre industry since 2002. She completed her studies at Curtin University’s Hayman Theatre. Whilst studying there she worked on over thirty productions.



Saturday 4th June 11am – 1pm

Workshop 1Interpreting Scripts & Development of Character (Maximum 20 – small workshop room) presented by Trent. 11am – 1pm

• Using Anton Chekhov's play The Cherry Orchard we will explore character interpretation and how to look for clues in the script which help with discovering character. We will also break down a short scene from the play with text analysis to help us interpret the script. 

Book for workshop 1 -




Workshop 2Improvisation - Games and Skills (Maximum 25 – Main Hall). Presented by Tegan. 11am – 1pm

• Learn the fundamentals of improvisational comedy and practise your skills through sketches and games. Become the next star of 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'

Book for workshop 2 –


Saturday 4th June 2pm – 4pm

Workshop 3: Directing Workshop (Maximum 20 – Main Hall). Presented by Trent. 2pm – 4pm

• Using Anton Chekhov's play The Cherry Orchard we will discuss/explore the director-actor relationship, the importance of research, the director/designer relationship and how to break a script down into manageable chunks. 

Book for workshop 3 –




Workshop 4: Improvisation/Unscripted Theatre (Maximum 25 – small workshop room). Presented by Tegan. 2pm – 4pm

• Using our own stories and experiences to create art through improvisation and interaction.

Book for workshop 4 –




Sunday 5th June 11am – 1pm

Workshop 5: Movement Workshop - Laban Technique (Maximum 25 – Main Hall).Presented by Trent & Tegan. 11am – 1pm

• Utilizing the work of Rudolph Laban, we will work with physical archetypes to explore and create character. We will also look at comedy techniques and use existing scripts to lift from ‘page to stage’.

Book for workshop 5 –



Booking links

Workshop 1 -


Workshop 2.



Workshop 3.


Workshop 4.




Workshop 5.



Note - The Harold King Community Centre is the new temporary home of the Roleystone Theatre Inc.

There are supermarkets and takeaway food options nearby.